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Universal remover set, 3-piece

Item no.: 10405L

EAN: 4033592011266

Strap puller, 2 arms, 75 mm

Item no.: 09510L

EAN: 4033592011068

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Item no. variant Name
09510L - Strap puller, 2 arms, 75 mm
09515L - Strap puller, 2 arms, 100 mm

Strap puller, 3-jaw, 100 mm

Item no.: 09615L

EAN: 4033592011112

Remover set, 2 and 3-arm, 12-piece

Item no.: 09690L

EAN: 4033592043328

Hydraulic spindle, 12 t

Item no.: 09681L

EAN: 4033592061735

Spreading sleeve

Item no.: 09665L-3

EAN: 4033592098748

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Item no. variant Name
09665L-3 - Spreading sleeve
09665L-5 - Spreading sleeve
09665L-6 - Spreading sleeve
09665L-7 - Spreading sleeve
09665L-10 - Thread adapter
09665L-9 - Thread adapter
09665L-8 - Thread adapter

Ball bearing remover set, 15-piece

Item no.: 09540L

EAN: 4033592038973

Ball-joint extractor, short fork

Item no.: 10005L

EAN: 4033592011143

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Item no. variant Name
10005L - Ball-joint extractor, short fork
10006L - Ball-joint remover

Ball-joint extractor, adjustable

Item no.: 10008L

EAN: 4033592031554

Ball-joint remover, commercial vehicles

Item no.: 10007L

EAN: 4033592030779

Ball-joint remover, with grease hydraulics

Item no.: 10004L

EAN: 4033592057028